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What is Exothermic Weld?

Exothermic Welding is used to Joint Copper to Copper or Copper to Steel where conductivity act a very essential role.
Exothermic weld is a effortless, profitable and durable welding connection that adopt a high-temperature exothermic reaction to invent a molecular bond. It does not need an external heat or power source. Exothermic welding is the universally approved method for manufacturing enduring copper-to-copper and copper-to-steel electrical connections. Its achievement star is admirable to all existing surface-to-surface mechanical connectors.

“Exothermic weld works when others won’t!”


Products Price Remarks
I. Exothermic Welding Molds Price List    
Exothermic Welding Mold (Standard Size) Price US Dollar 60 / Rs. 4000 Standard Size means Powder consumption up to 200 Gram Powder
Buy Exothermic Welding Mould US Dollar 75 / Rs. 5500 This Mold will consume Powder between 250 Grams to 400 Grams
Exothermic Weld Mold Price US Dollar 125 / Rs. 8000 This Mold will consume Powder between 450 Grams to 800 Grams

P.N - 1) The Price indicates above is for M.O.Q - 10 Pcs 2) For Bulk Quantity - Please email us at [email protected] for a discount.

II. Exothermic Welding Powder Price List Price Remarks
Exothermic Welding Powder - 25 Grams 0.75 USD / 85 INR per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 32 Grams 0.90 USD / 105 INR per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 45 Grams 1.10 USD / 120 INR per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 65 Grams 1.50 USD / 165 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 90 Grams 2.0 USD / 190 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 115 Grams 2.50 USD / 215 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 150 Grams 2.70 USD / 275 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 200 Grams 3.50 USD / 345 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs
Exothermic Welding Powder - 250 Grams 4.00 USD / 435 INR Per Pcs M.O.Q - 250 Pcs

P.N - For Bulk Quantity - Please email us at [email protected] for a discount.

III. Exothermic Welding Kit Price   
Handle Clamp  
Flint Gun The Price of the Kit depends upon the Number of Weld Powder and Moulds.
File Card Brush Please send us your inquiry to get to know more
Slag Removal Tool  
Hand Gloves  
Sealing Compound  
Eye Glass  
Flame Torch   

P.N - In case if a requirement is just Handle Clamp / Flint Gun, then please mail us at [email protected] for the prices.


Advantage of Exothermic Welding

There are many benefits of using Exothermic Weld. The most critical one being that the formation produces a molecular joint and not just a mechanical one in between the conductors. It is composed through a origin reactant which lend enough energy to trigger the welding reaction. This takes place quickly and safely inside a graphite mould. The mould is designed specifically for a certain union depending on the elements to be welded and the joint type required. We guarantees all types of joints, not only copper cable unions but also to weld tapes, brass metallic pieces, stainless steel, steel ground rods covered with copper, etc. It is especially useful for joining dissimilar metals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exothermic Welding:

Exothermic-Welding-graphite-mould-Manufacturer-SupplierCompared for some other forms of welding, exothermic bonds employ a greater mechanical toughness. The weld can be proof against corrosion. You simply won’t notice an increase in electrical excess weight despite repeated small signal pulses; your weld is highly firm. The procedure is more costly, however. The task requires replaceable moulds, is not easily repeatable. Exothermic weld may also be done far from others. That reduces dangers to employees. A igniter is used with widespread graphite molds or a palatable made drop within weld metal ink cartridge, semi-permanent graphite crucible pattern, and an ignition company that connects your container with a cord. Exothermic weld is usually used for welding copper conductors but is suitable for welding a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, cast iron, common steel, brass, bronze, and Monel. It is especially useful for joining dissimilar metals. An exothermic weld has higher mechanical strength than other forms of weld, and excellent corrosion resistance It is also highly stable when subject to repeated short-circuit pulses, and does not suffer from increased electrical resistance over the lifetime of the installation. However, the process is costly relative to other welding processes, requires a supply of replaceable moulds, suffers from a lack of repeatability, and can be impeded by wet conditions or bad weather.

Exothermic Welding Joining Technique

In other words Exothermic weld is a joining technique used to create a permanent connection between two metallic components. It involves a chemical reaction that generates heat, known as an exothermic reaction. This process is particularly noted for the durability of the bond produced and for preserving good electrical conductivity between the joined components. Creating a bond by exothermic weld typically involves heat created by a chemical reaction between some type of heavy metal oxide and a reducing agent. For example, iron oxide is a commonly used metal oxide and aluminum is a common reducing agent. These reactants produce heat extremely rapidly when ignited, thereby achieving the high temperatures needed for welding. Such heating is generally initiated once the parts to be joined are fitted together in a mold which contains the materials and the reaction as it takes place. Filler metal in liquid form is produced by this reaction and mixes with melted metal from the parts being joined to form a bond shaped by the mold. Molds used in exothermic weld may be made of graphite, ceramic, or other appropriate materials.

Exothermic Welding Connections

Exothermic weld connects cables, ground rods, terminals and structures; the resulting molecular bond produces a permanent connection that won’t loosen or corrode over the lifetime of the installation. You should use exothermically welded Connections when: you require long life/permanent connections; you expect high current faults; or corrosive conditions exist. The equipment required to make exothermic connections is lightweight, portable and does not require outside power. The resulting bond is a permanent joining of metallic parts that form an electrically conductive path. This will ensure electrical continuity and the capacity to conduct any potential current safely.

These permanent connections will carry as much, or more, current as the conductor. These connections eliminate bimetallic corrosion at the point of the weld. All strands of the conductor will equally share the current load.


How Exothermic Welding Works?

The Exothermic weld System is a welding process that utilizes an exothermic reaction (a chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of very high temperatures and light) to permanently joins metal connections.

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When Exothermic Welding is require ?

When there is an improper connections between conductors which are often the reason for electrical malfunctions. A proper connection should have the following characteristics..

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When Exothermic Weld is Used?

The Exothermic Weld Connecting created a permanent, homogeneous, and molecular bond that cannot loosen or corrode, and will carry more current that the conductor.

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